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 What is necessary for the enzyme future

Enzyme power Our lives are determined by enzymes. Dr. Edward Howell of the United States. Focused on the fact that enzymes have great power. "It depends on the enzyme and depends on whether it can live healthy, depending on the enzyme.When human survival survives by enzymes and the enzymes in the body are lost, humanity will die.

Encounter inevitable

Since I was in my husband's stomach, my adopted daughter to my brother and his husband was decided. First edge. She seems to have been in frail constitution because she was short at breast milk for her adopted child at the age of 5 months. Such a moment I met the "Brown Rice Enzyme" in the mid-40s (border). It was picked up by the president of the company called GGF (founded in 1967) (border), though initially thought that it was responsible for this inchy business, however, As I received a call, I began to eat "brown rice enzymes" with half-trust ... after about a year. It is about when I got consultation from a friend with trouble with menopause · · · "I have no symptoms like a friend" I have been studying on the desk in food and health. The president's word "People and people, the encounter of things is not a coincidence, it is inevitable" The thing necessary for me at that time was "brown rice enzyme" It was an inevitable encounter to survive this period. For decades thereafter, we will have 70 years old. Thank you. Of course there are individual differences, and I think that there might be things that worked, but I think that the encounter (rim) with "Brown rice enzyme" is also great.

Health comes from belly / intestine! I was frail at present, I am comfortable every day, comfort intestine. In case 

Power of brown rice enzyme threat

Mr. Shunichi Yoshimatsu Dr. Medicine Recommendation from Yasushi Yori

"Brown rice enzyme" is also excellent medically. It seems that there are many voices pointing out "mistakes in eating habits" in recent years, but the things called eating habits are part of individual life, for example, as people have likes and dislikes, individual differences are large depending on individuals Thing. Therefore, it is important not to argue uniformly but to manage diet based on individual differences. Although I am a medical scientist, I can assert that the food "brown rice enzyme" introduced in this book can be said to be suitable for the dietary idea that I think, even from the medical viewpoint "Brown rice enzyme" "Though fermented and cultivated by utilizing cordyria to abundant nutrients of brown rice", but the enzymes as well as the vitamins, minerals etc. The "germs of brown rice," which is said to be a treasure trove of nutrition, bran is still alive. Eating "brown rice enzyme" makes it easy to take rich nutrition beyond brown rice diet while using white rice as an eating meal. Although I specialize in sports medicine, I use "brown rice enzyme" for making stamina for each athlete, and I am doing great results. Especially it is certain that it is demonstrating its effect to stamina of long distance players such as marathon. Also, today's longevity age does not necessarily mean that everyone is living long and living healthy lives. There are also statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare that more than half of people over fifty years of age suffer from disease. Living with fulfilling longevity means you can do what you want, you can go to your favorite places. Such a healthy life is important, even if I live long with illness it is not fun at all. I live long and healthy, and my usual diet is important. "Brown rice enzyme" can be said to be a "valuable food" that overcomes nutrients that tend to be deficient in modern diet, and also lost nutrients. It is a book I would like to recommend reading for you to become more beautiful by health

Hair restoration = grooming

In recent years juvenile hair thinning, hair thinning, hair loss has become popular. This is also true for women. It is said that stress, fatigue, lifestyle, drinking, smoking, eating habits, etc. are inhibiting healthy hair growth as a cause of becoming young. It is an enzyme that reduces peaks at age 20. Enzyme insufficiency is also a cause of body disorder and caution is necessary because enzyme deficiency manifests in pain, rashes, redness of the eyeball and appears in the body table (signal of the wound). The cause may be overwork, stress, sleep deprivation, etc. However, due to lack of enzymes in the body, it also relates to hair. Hair is not only protecting the head but also part of fashion for directing personality. It is not an exaggeration to say that "hair supplementation of the enzyme" = hair growth care for the future with hair growth care to avoid thin hair, thin hair, hair loss. Regardless of hair growth, Brown Rice enzyme prepares various body disorder.

Digestion promoting function                                                                               As it is a fermented food, firstly it has a digestion promotion function. I do not need drugs for gastrointestinal medicine.

Promotion of metabolism                                                    Two kinds of digestive enzyme and metabolic enzyme are born from latent enzyme. When consumption of digestive enzymes is reduced by eating vegetables, fruits, sashimi and other creatures, the amount of metabolic enzyme input will increase. As the number of metabolic enzymes increases, health is improved and the life span will be prolonged accordingly.

Exclusion of toxins

There is phytic acid in the epidermis and bran portions of brown rice. Phytic acid plays a major role in delivering toxins to the outside. We do not know pesticides, preservatives, etc. but we do not know 10 g a day. 3,600 g per year? If you bucket it is about 2 glasses. Cow ~~ A! Issuing toxins and cleaning the blood is necessary for maintaining good health.

Exclusion of dioxin 

Dioxin occurs in incinerators when incinerating waste. Dioxin is sprayed in the air, it dissolves in water and goes into the body of the fish. Professor Nagayama at Kyushu University conducted a human experiment that continues to give "brown rice enzyme" for one year and was announced at the international conference that "brown rice enzyme" was most effective for reducing dioxin.

Suppression of cancer 

The biggest thing that hurt the gene is active oxygen. Although active oxygen is originally in the atmosphere about 2%, a considerable amount also occurs when making tissues and organs using enzymes in the body as well. We have antioxidant enzyme (SOD) in our bodies, but their production decreases with age. Brown rice contains vitamin E and a lot of antioxidant enzymes. You can take antioxidant foods by eating three brown rice enzymes per day.   

 To those who do not like powder, how to eat depends on ingenuity.
Enzymes are sensitive to heat. Please note that high temperature foods will kill enzymes at a given angle. Brown rice enzyme is cultured by Aspergillus oryzae. Blending with other bacterial species exerts synergistic effect.

Mix it with your favorite drink
Mix it with your favorite drink
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Mix it with yoghurt
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 customer's voice

A ,Y-sama ... couple are in good condition I do not need gastrointestinal medicine.

M ,Ssama... izen wa kaze o hiita dake de sugu netsu ga dete nekonde shimai genmai kōso no okage de nekomu koto ga nakunarimashita arigatou zonjimasu  

I , U sama ... Atopi - I am regularly using it for improvement. Hay fever has also become lighter.

K ,Ksama... i 2/ 3 setsujo (42-sai) kara ichō ga yowari taijū mo 39 Kg ni nari ji no shujutsu mo 2-kai (66-sai) yatto sukoshi jishin ga ga dete mairimashita.

What is missing from brown rice enzymes

Vitamin C!

・ Sorry! There is no vitamin C in brown rice enzyme. Please compensate by daily diet. We recommend broccoli and strawberries as food containing vitamin C.

・ There is no special rule for how to eat brown rice enzyme, but before meals such as stomach drooling, anorexia, binge eating, etc., pregnant helps gastrointestinal work. (To assist the enzyme in the body)